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      Q. Can I have the equipment I want in the trailer ?
      A. Of course, within the size limitations of the basic trailer - 3m X 1.5m and meeting health regulations.

      Q. What health standards are the trailers built to comply with ?
      A. Gold Coast City Council. Most councils have similar regulations,, but you need to check your local area so we can make any changes required.

      Q. Where are the trailers built, and by whom ?
      A. On the Gold Coast, so all prices are ex Gold Coast, but we can deliver anywhere in Australia - transport and insurance are extra costs. Our factory on the Gold Coast has been a registered, qualified fibreglass manufacturer for nearly 15 years !

      Q. What is the warranty ?
      A. 12 months on the workmanship of the fibreglass body and trailer.

      Q. What are the payment terms ?
      A. Normally 50
% on initial signing, 25% before internal fit-out ( you are welcome to inspect ) and remaining 25% on completion.

      Q. What is the size and weight of the basic trailer ?
      A. 3m long, 2.00 width. Weight is under 1200kgs. (average)

      Q. Can I have a bigger trailer built ?
      A. Yes, we can make it wider (within road regulations). We can even build non towing versions with large, square backs.

      Q. Do I need a big car or a special licence ?
      A. No, the trailer is easily towed behind a normal family sedan so no special licence is required.

      Q. Does the trailer have breaks ?
      A. Not the standard model, but brakes and tandem wheels are an option. 

      Q. Can you build a trailer on smaller wheels, designed for a permanent position, and not one to be towed on the road ?
      A. Sure ! This version can be pushed in to position and manouevered with a caravan repositioner if required.

      Q. Can I have the large opening window on both sides ?
      A. Yes, thats an option and the airflow when both are open is fantastic ! You also have the option of sliding windows and extra windows on the end.

      Q. What is the delivery time ?
      A. 8 - 10 weeks (depending on internal fit-out required). 

      Q. Do I have a choice of colour ?
      A. The trailers are manufactured in a white gloss (similar to the expensive big boats). This is a great base for signwriting. Other colours are available at an additional cost.

      Q. Do you assist with the signage ?
      A. We can assist with professionally produced "stick on signage" if you provide PDF artwork. This is at a much cheaper price than other sign printing companies.

      Q. Can I provide my own specialised equipment ?
      A. Sure. Depending on what it is, it may need to be supplied to us for inclusion in the fitout.

      Q. Do you provide finance ?
      A. We may be able to assist, but it would be at normal finance company commercial rates, so you would probably be better of looking after that yourself.

      Any questions ? Go to our contact page for a quick response !